Take a look at BRIC's successful case studies:

US Equipment Manufacturer

BRIC delivered an extensive market entry strategy for a high-tech banking product and services company looking to break in to the Russian market. The company dominates its home market segment in the U.S, but was looking to grow its business internationally from 15% of its turnover.

Research/Strategy Decision Execution/Results
6 key markets to consider, either in series or parallel: China, Russia, India, Brazil, Indonesia, South Africa. After thorough collaboration between BRIC and client, decision made to focus Stage 1 on Russia BRIC conducted detailed market research including competition, distribution options, customer segmentation and logistics. A partner was selected, trained and has begun sales into this strategic high growth market.

Russian Services Company

BRIC conducted market introduction for a major Russian manufacturer into 38 countries over 4 years. The Russian manufacturer monopolizes its home market with high volume, high profit goods and services.

Research/Strategy Decision Execution/Results
BRIC proposed a market engagement process that over 5 years would bring it into the top 4 in the world BRIC conducted market analysis, partner selection, customer introduction, product qualification, competitive bidding and contract negotiations. Over 4 years, the BRIC team has generated $400M in new business opportunities and assisted the company to grow its international business to 22% of its turnover as the company grew 20% overall.

Asian Equipment Manufacturer

BRIC has been conducting market introduction for a large, multinational manufacturer into Russia and Brazil. This manufacturer dominates its home Asian market for machines, services, and outsourcing for banks. However, almost no business was generated outside of a few European countries.

Research/Strategy Decision Execution/Results
BRIC proposed a global engagement strategy. Decision taken to focus on Russia, then expanded two years later to Brazil. BRIC facilitated customer introduction, product qualification and client participation in public tenders in Russia and Brazil. BRIC also conducted partner selection in Brazil for local distribution. Market entry is still in initial stages, but traction and potential are strong, showing early signs of growth in both Russia and Brazil.

UK Waste to Energy Technology

A cutting edge UK waste to energy company engaged BRIC to launch its technology into new markets in the Middle East, Central and South America, Caribbean, Russia and East Africa. The company has received a global process guarantee from Lloyds based on the commercial success of its first operational plant. They have also just won a grant from the UK government to expand research into production of biofuel.

Research/Strategy Decision Execution/Results
Must focus on markets with high electricity costs and need for waste disposal; layer markets where BRIC has the political support to engage the highest levels of government to avoid the bureaucratic hurdles. Focus on two areas: islands where waste disposal and energy costs are very high and in three countries where political clout strongest. In addition, pursue licensing and local production of equipment in key advanced markets. Our client is short-listed in three active projects with 6 major qualified leads in process within the first 6 months.

US Specialty Chemical Company for Oil Industry

A start-up Texas company has invented a chemical which can have a major out of the box improvement for oil production, transportation and storage. BRIC engaged to push the product to all major oil producing regions through our network of agents. Chemical is a universal paraffin inhibitor/dispersant and sludgebuster. Reduce downtime on wells, reduce or eliminate pigging of pipelines and recapture and sell oil storage tank sludge with a universal out of the box chemical solution.

Research/Strategy Decision Execution/Results
Marketing and direct outreach to major oil producing regions − Venezuela, Brasil, Russia, MEA, Mexico, Turkey, Azerbaijan and others. Consider third-party alliances and local blending in key markets. Broad "land grab" focus on gaining oilfield samples of paraffin and sludge for testing. Stage 2 is field testing. Alliances sought with key local players. New engagement with exciting upside. Launched campaign in 9 markets and working though the decision process. Contact us to get involved!
Do’s and Don’ts in Local Markets
Best Approach to Being Successful in Local Markets
  Successful Generally Less Successful
Local Sales Find partners in market, either direct or indirect Try to sell from outside the country
Government Engage with local government, which is generally more involved in making business successful than in First World economies Ignore local government, not understanding regulations, interconnections, who are the main "players"
Pricing Understand the market and local competition Impose pricing (too high or too low) on local distribution
Goals 3-5 year goals with modest expectations in Y1 Short term opportunistic approach
Tenacity Perseverance Scared off/lack of creativity and motivation to push through obstacles
Sales See sales and service equally importantly for brand growth Focus on pushing product without understanding how the product will be supported
Ethics Rigidly adhere to what you believe in Show local partners that you will "go native"
Approach Listen Talk